The Mystical French Quarter Private Lounge

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Potions membership rules and Regulations follow. Please read these before signing up for membership, as the rules are put into place and strictly followed to ensure everyone's enjoyment at the club.

Once you have applied for membership, you will receive access to a private page, where you will enter all your personal information to ensure your membership at the Potions Lounge is a special experience each time you return.  We will ask you for your favorite choice of liquor, as well as any anniversaries that are important to you.

We look forward to having you join us


The Magical Team at Potions

 Etiquette, Rules and Regulations Agreement

Upon signing the following document, it constitutes an agreement which will enable you to equally and fully enjoy the benefits of membership:

Membership costs

Members agree to pay the annual cost set forth for the use of the Potions lounge, in accordance with the etiquette, rules, and regulations set forth in this agreement.  Membership prices are subject to change.

Access to the lounge

Potions members are allotted a specific number of guests, which they may bring with them on a nightly basis as outlined in the Membership Benefits. Member are invited to all private function with first come first serve access.  On the very rare occasion that Potions may be closed to members for a private function (such as a film crew, or events unforeseeable or uncontrollable do to elemental situations) for all or part of the evening, our best effort will be made to give members as much advance notice as possible. 

Dress Code

Potions dress code is stylish casual.  Jeans and shorts can be worn, but not torn, or oversized with visible undergarments.  The Potions manager/bartender reserves the right to consult with you on appropriateness of attire. 


Smoking is only permitted on the Potions Balcony.

Liability for Personal belongings

Potions does not accept responsibility for any personal items lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced in the lounge.  However, we will certainly do our best to capture left or misplaced items and house them in our lost and found.


In order to maintain an environment that is enjoyable to all members, Potions/Fritzel’s (Potions/Fritzel’s here from referred to as Potions) reserves the right to ask a member or his/her guest(s) to leave the lounge if:

* Their behavior, language, or clothing is deemed inappropriate

* Their actions or conduct interfere with the enjoyment of other Potions members and their 


* They bring into Potions any alcoholic or intoxicating beverage, any illegal drug or controlled

    substance or their conduct or actions constitute any illegal, improper or immoral behavior.


* Minors under the age of 21 are not permitted in the lounge, subject to local laws.

Potions, and any and all agents of the same, shall not be responsible for any claims or judgments for damages and the like, including costs of defending against such claims arising out of personal injury or property damage occurring in connection with the use of Potions lounge and all its areas by members or their invitees, unless such damage was caused by the gross negligence of willful misconduct of the party claiming such right to be indemnified or held harmless.

Default/Cancellation of Membership

Breach of any term of this agreement by the member and/or the member’s guest(s) shall constitute a material breach and default on the part of the member.  Member understands and acknowledges that upon such an occurrence, Potions holds and reserves the right to cancel or revoke the member’s membership in full, without recourse.  Potions retains the right, under such circumstances, to terminate its obligation under this agreement and shall have any and all remedies available under applicable law, including without limitation the right to eject the member and/or the member’s guest(s).  The member shall be liable for all reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by Potions in connection with the enforcement of any of its rights or remedies hereunder.

The failure or refrain by Potions to exercise any right or remedy hereunder shall not constitute a waiver or release thereof.  In the event that a member cancels membership prior to the end of the current membership term, no portion of the fee paid will be refunded.

When celebrities are in the club, please refrain from asking for autographs, or photographs - this is their secret hideaway too!