The Mystical French Quarter Private Lounge

Potions Specialty Cocktails

  Potions Poison

Our signature cocktail is a lovely combination of Champagne and Red Absinthe.


 Southern Spell

Crafted with Whisky or Gin, this cocktail is created using our handmade Rosemary simple syrup, soda and fresh lemon.

  Black Cat

This margarita is addictive!  A pomegranate margarita rimmed with half purple sugar and half salt, giving a split personality, delighting all of your taste buds. 

  Blood Drop Martini

Vampyre Vodka with a blend of fresh flavors and a drop of Vampyre Red Vodka will satisfy your needs!

  Broken Mirror

Delicious blend of Absinthe, lime, simply syrup and topped off with Green Chartreuse.  Luckily this drink is anything but bad luck.

 Love Potions #9

This shot is crafted with St. Germain, an Elderberry liquor.  It starts out clear, but just before you drink it, it turns red with an added hint of Vampyre Red Vodka.