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Genealogy Magic with Cairelle Perilloux

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Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their histories and lineages. As it is with trees in nature, so it is in genealogy that each family tree must have the proper resources to grow to its fullest potential. For many hundreds of years, people have written down family histories and lineages and have kept various records that allow us now to glean facts through diligent investigation of those historical documents. However, when we also consciously engage in our magical practice as we work to discover our heritage and family stories, we are able to connect the mundane aspects of research with the power and knowledge of our Ancestors. Magic, indeed! In this fun and unique class, KC will help you gain an understanding of genealogy basics and resources and teach you how to document your genealogical truths while keeping to current ethics and standards. She will discuss how to custom blend traditional and genetic genealogy research with your particular kind of magic, and you will learn how to utilize spells, rituals, family heirlooms and your own creativity to build an accurate family story and to manifest a deeper connection with your Ancestors and ultimately, with Self.