The Mystical French Quarter Private Lounge

Tea and Leaf Readings

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Potions Lounge Presents:
Tea Leaf Readings
Join us for an elegant, very untraditional Tea time.
Relax in the luxury of Potions Lounge while sipping tea
Tea Leaf Readings follow directly after last sip of Tea
$30 per person
$28 for group of three or more
Add $4 to spike your tea
Featured Tea Selection
By Vampyre Tea Company
Nosferatea – A delightful cornucopia of Cherries, Mangos and almonds
Bella Lugosi’s Ashes – Elegant black tea smoked over wood logs
Strawberry Painkiller – Sencha Green Tea with Strawberries and Papaya
Wolf’s Bane Blend – South African Rooibos tea
Stake This! – Revitalizing blend of herbs and tea, high in antioxidants
Coffin Nightcap – Decaf black tea, apple and English toffee

Tea Leaf reading directly following Tea